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We are passionate about shining the light onto the insights hidden within the geospatial data and continuing our journey to understand the planet we live in.

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A New Planetary Perspective

We were born from the idea to democratize access to geospatial data. As one of BCG Digital Ventures’s latest venture, at UP42 we are helping to uncover insights from all corners of the Earth.

Our developer platform opens up access to a variety of first-class geospatial data and processing power for the very first time. Here, you can pick and choose from a selection of off-the-shelf data and processing blocks.

From satellite constellations in space, to drones flying overhead - we are bringing multiple planetary perspectives within reach. Whether you are analyzing crop yields, estimating deforestation, or spotting illegal ship activity, we help you to streamline your processes and succeed. Freeing up time for you to build more, maintain infrastructure less, and create customer value sooner.

This is UP42. The fastest way to build, run and scale geospatial products.

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A Talented Crew

Our mission to help geospatial businesses to succeed is made possible by our talented team. At UP42, we come to work every day because we want to provide answers to some of the big questions of today. Together, our team brings a wealth of expertise from across the planet.

At UP42, you’ll create impactful work, surrounded by world-class leaders and forward-thinkers. Join us in Berlin to be a part of revolutionizing geospatial solutions and bringing data to life.

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