A New Paradigm for Business of Data: UP42 Featured in World Economic Forum Report

Nikita Marwaha

As digitization yields growing quantities of data, new business models and technologies are enabling organizations to generate value and opportunities for business, society, and the environment.

At UP42, we’re working on doing just that and are proud to be included in a new paper by The World Economic Forum.

A New Paradigm for Business of Data highlights a new wave of innovations in business models and technological capabilities—driven by companies such as ours across all sectors—who are changing the business paradigm for data.

BusinessOfData Twitter Image: World Economic Forum

This new paradigm empowers stakeholders, is grounded in ecosystem partnerships and creates sustainable value for all.

UP42 was born from the idea to democratize access to geospatial data and analytics.

Having partnered with over 25 data and analytics partners, we are building a growing and varied geospatial marketplace that helps our customers solve their client’s problems—while sharing revenue with our partners.

Our business model is built upon open access and shared value so that data is accessible and valuable to all.

“Geospatial insights are more crucial than ever. Easy access to geospatial technologies will enable the development of innovative solutions, helping to solve some of the problems we face around the globe”, adds Dirk Hoke, CEO at Airbus Defence and Space.

The report captures learnings and practices from organizations leading the way such as Google and Facebook.

It also explores how to implement these strategies to catalyze future collaboration, innovation and advance our understanding of this emerging set of approaches.

Image: World Economic Forum Image: World Economic Forum

Find us under New Value Pools (section 2.3, page 6), as well as Collaborative Ecosystems and Partnerships (section 4.2, page 16):

UP42, a subsidiary of Airbus, expands the market beyond the traditional customer base and makes it easier to find, buy and use geospatial products from existing providers. A single scalable platform brings together multiple providers of satellite imagery and geospatial data, analytics and machine-learning algorithms, democratizing access to this data and these capabilities. The company creates value for stakeholders across the whole chain – customers use data and algorithms to solve their clients’ problems faster and marketplace partners earn a share of the revenue every time their data and capabilities are used.

To lead the way with us, become a partner or create an account today.

Nikita Marwaha

Content & Social Media Marketing Manager at UP42

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