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Spring hasn't quite sprung in Berlin, but while the weather remains at a standstill, everyone at UP42 is moving forward at full speed. We're excited to share a lot of exciting updates from the past month! 📅

Check out what we've been up to this month 👇

——— ✨ What's New? 🚀 ———

UP42 - Your Data Partner 🛰️

We have 50 different data sets on the UP42 marketplace that can be seamlessly accessed through the console or API. But did you know that you can also easily task a satellite or order custom data with us?

We're excited to share our new Order Data page, outlining our extensive and expanding tasking and custom data ordering options. On this page, you will find a selection of industry-leading optical, radar, and aerial data providers.

Pleiades 1A-1B Egypt Cairo

Pléiades Tasking

This high-reactive constellation from Airbus offers 0.5m resolution optical imagery and is designed for daily revisit. Additionally, the stereo and tri-stereo capabilities make it a perfect candidate for accurate elevation model generation.

Copy of 0 SPOT 6-7 Avatar

SPOT Tasking

These twin satellites from Airbus offer 1.5m resolution and are designed to cover large areas in a single pass. This large swath and unique agility make SPOT 6/7 one of the market’s most reliable choices for single pass image capture.

TSX-EEC-Block-Thumbnail 1

TerraSAR-X Tasking

Delivering high-resolution or wide area SAR imagery, TerraSAR-X is a great solution for monitoring ground surface movement, maritime activity, and more. The weather independence of TerraSAR-X’s capture makes it a reliable choice for time sensitive monitoring activities.

Additionally, through the TerraSAR-X tasking service, you can access fully processed data sets for InSAR, maritime monitoring, or Digital Elevation Models.

Hexagon-HxGN-Content-Program DSM 800x800 1

High-Resolution Aerial DSMs

Derived from quality controlled, high-accuracy aerial imagery, the HxGN Content Program’s DSM provides a clear view of the surface and its above-ground features in a 3D format. With the constantly expanding coverage and improving resolution of the HxGN Content Program, you can expect DSMs with resolutions of 40cm or higher in the US and Europe.

Our team of geospatial data experts are here to help you every step of the way. They’ll be happy to advise you on the best constellations for your use case and in no time at all, they’ll be ensuring the safe delivery of your data sets to the UP42 platform and available via API to integrate into your own data ecosystem.

Task a satellite or order custom data

Documentation Hub 📔

We aim to provide a seamless out of the box experience with the UP42 platform, but with such a wide variety of capabilities both within the core platform and offered by our amazing partners, some pointers are sometimes needed.


Launching our new Documentation Hub - a central place to find information on how to use the UP42 platform, our data and processing capabilities, and the Python SDK and API. The Documentation Hub is a complete overhaul of our documentation, carried out with user experience front and center.

This clean, fresh uncluttered approach will allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for whether you’re a product manager trying to search and order satellite imagery from the archive or a data scientist building and selling algorithms through the UP42 marketplace.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days for a blog post from John Ngo, our Senior UX Designer, who will discuss how the Documentation Hub was developed with you, the user, in mind. And in the meantime, head over to the Documentation Hub and let us know what you think!

Check out the Documentation Hub

Scale Your Analysis With UP42 📈

We've relaxed our limits on the maximum AOI from 1000km2 to 180,000km2 and the number of jobs you can run concurrently from 10 to 1000. This allows you to parallelize your analysis more efficiently and cover more land than ever before.

How To Change Your Project Settings

1. Open a project in UP42.

Scale 1

2. Click the settings button in the subnavigation. 3. Scroll down to the Threshold Limits section.

Scale 2

4. Adjust the sliders as required.

More details in the documentation

Sentinel-2 L2A Analytic and Pan-Sharpening 🛰️

Last month, we announced our new Sentinel-2 block that provides access to the latest 12-bit Sentinel 2 imagery, ideal for processing and analytics purposes. This block comes with 12 spectral bands from visible and NIR to short-wave IR, enabling a wide range of use cases.

2019-03-17, Sentinel-2A L2A, True color

However, most analytics and processing capabilities require all bands to be processed at the same resolution. As such, this block is now compatible with our Pan-Sharpening block. This enables you to upsample all 13 bands to a 10m resolution and consolidate them into a single GeoTIFF file that can be easily processed and connected to a range of analytics.

Sentinel-22 L2A Analytic | Pan-Sharpening

——— 🏢 Updates From The Team 👪 ———

Welcome Aboard 🚀

Nir Tal

We’re excited to welcome Nir, who joins UP42 as a Senior DevOps Engineer. With diverse experience across DevOps and IT operations, Nir is responsible for ensuring the reliability and scalability of the UP42 platform! We’re sure that his vast experience and expertise will ensure that our users can continue to integrate UP42 into their geospatial data ecosystem with confidence.

In his spare time, Nir is a big fan of cycling and traveling. Indeed, if he had a year off, he’d take his bike and travel the world, inspired by Felix Starck, German-born star of the Netflix documentary, Pedal The World! 🚴

Santiago Martin Zubieta Ortiz

Joining as a Backend Engineer, Santiago is an excellent addition to the engineering team at UP42. With experience at Google and, we’re excited to see the fresh insights and perspectives he brings to UP42’s approach to backend development.

Outside of work, Santiago joins a passionate creative coding community in Berlin and has been working on a really cool application called CraZeApp!

Additionally, Santiago has a range of hobbies, including watching movies, drawing, reading, going to concerts, traveling, and preparing his famous guacamole, which we can’t wait to taste when we’re all able to go into the office again! 🥑

Viviana Laperchia

With a background in communication, foreign languages, and literature for the past 15 years, Viviana has been unearthing the essence of international brands at the intersection of technology and humanity.

Joining UP42’s growing marketing team as our PR & Communications Manager, her fresh perspective, geospatial experience, and innovative ideas will take UP42’s brand communications to the next level.

Additionally, Viviana has a diverse set of inspiring experiences outside of her day-to-day role. These include directing documentaries on human rights and the environment, acting a spokesperson for Amnesty International, and speaking at events on Tech Storytelling, Brand, People, and Culture. 🎤

Come and Grow With Us 🌱

We're continually expanding our team to bring amazing new people just like you on board. Check out our latest open role below, all our open positions here, or if you don't find what you're looking for, drop us a speculative application!

Head of Data Science 🧪

Would you like to join UP42’s leadership team, leading a team of data scientists operating on the cutting edge of Earth Observation, machine learning, and image analytics technology? Then our Head of Data Science role may be right for you. | Apply now

Product Marketing Manager 📦

Do you love interacting with technical products and have a knack for putting together compelling messaging? Then we want you to join our product marketing function as we expand into new markets, roll out new features, and cater for an increasing range of use cases! | Apply now

Tech Recruiter 👪

Are you interested in playing a central role in the growth of UP42 by finding the right people to build our platform? Then this is the opportunity for you! Join our HR team as a Tech Recruiter and help us recruit the best tech talent that Berlin and the world has to offer! | Apply now

——— ⏩ Coming up 📅 ———

Webinar: Is Remote Sensing A Replacement for Ground-Based Monitoring Of Critical Infrastructure?

As the resolution of satellite imagery and the breadth and accuracy of analytics capabilities have increased, so has the range of opportunities provided by remote sensing in utilities, telecommunications, and oil & gas. Many tasks carried out by manual inspections, Earth-based sensors, or even imaging from helicopters may become obsolete.

In this webinar, we’ll pose the following question to industry experts - is remote sensing a replacement for ground-based monitoring of critical infrastructure? They will look at whether vegetation management, ground movement, and line-of-sight analysis can now be conducted from satellite imagery through their presentations. The presenters will demonstrate, through technical walkthroughs, how the remote sensing industry is challenging traditional methods of infrastructure monitoring and construction planning.

Secure your spot

——— 📅 In Case You Missed It 😱 ———

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That's it for now. But we have tons of exciting things in the works that we'll announce in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled in Release Notes, or if you can wait a whole month, we'll meet you back here in May!

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Nathan Davis

Product Marketing Manager

What is Vegetation Management and Infrastructure Maintenance and How Does Geospatial Technology Help?

What is Vegetation Management and Infrastructure Maintenance and How Does Geospatial Technology Help?


Whether you’re concerned about keeping rail lines free of fallen vegetation or ensuring power lines…

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UP42 Featured in ELISE Report on the Establishment of Sustainable Data Ecosystems


A recent study into sustainable data ecosystems has featured UP42 as an example of a geospatial…

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Your March Update From The UP42 Team


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