First and foremost, from all of the UP42 team, we'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year! With 2021 well underway, we wanted to share some of the cool stuff that we've already shipped this year!

Check out what we've been up to this month 👇

——— ✨ What's New? 🚀 ———

Explore UP42 For Free 🆓

They say that there's no such thing as a free lunch. And that may be true. But who needs a free lunch when you're so busy accessing free geospatial data, processing, and infrastructure on UP42?

Well, that's precisely what you can get when you sign up to UP42 today! Get 10,000 sign-up credits for use with any free data block and compatible processing algorithms. Explore the platform's capabilities with €100s-worth of sign-up credits — no credit card required.

What are “sign-up credits”?

The concept is simple. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to test the full functionality of the UP42 platform, from our catalog search, Python SDK, to the creation of workflows and job creation. To do this, we're providing you with credits that can be used to purchase any free imagery on the UP42 marketplace and process that data with any compatible pre-processing, statistical, or machine-learning capabilities.

You're able to run full workflows and get valuable insights for a range of different use cases without paying a cent. Read on to see some of the cool use cases you can test with your sign-up credits.

Understand crop health

Understanding crop health is a cornerstone of geospatial analysis. So it's not a surprise that the UP42 marketplace has a host of statistical indices, ensuring that you'll find the index that fits your use case.

Sentinel to ARVI

These statistical indices provide you with valuable insights into crop health. With your 10,000 free sign-up credits, you can test indices from NDVI to SAVI to EVI to CIgreen. We're positive that you'll find the measure of crop health that works for you.

Prepare your data for machine learning

Satellite images are large, and training machine or deep-learning algorithms can be incredibly resource-intensive. As a result, it is simply not feasible from a time or cost perspective to train machine or deep-learning algorithms on full satellite images.

Raster tiling offers the possibility to split large images into small rectangular subsets fed directly as an input into neural networks. With UP42, you can apply our Raster Tiling block to a range of free data blocks and feed the output of the workflow into your machine learning algorithm to start training your models!

Use the Raster Tiling block

Access a range of free data sets

In addition to processing data directly on UP42, you can use your sign-up credits to access powerful free data sets. These include satellite imagery, such as MODIS, Landsat-8, and Sentinel, and sample data sets from TerraSar-X (EEC and SSC).

Free Data Blocks

But UP42 is more than just a satellite imagery marketplace. You can also download OpenStreetMap data and a time-series of lake and reservoir surface areas from our partner Terra Cover. Additionally, you can access a sample of Airbus's Global Seeps database, primarily used to identify oil seeps that could be candidates for rigging.

If you are interested in getting the full Global Seeps database, TerraSar-X data, or any of UP42's commercial data sources, you can easily add credits or talk to sales for more information on testing commercial data.

Browse free capabilities

Buy Once, Use Forever ♻️

You may recall that we implemented our user storage functionality last month, which enabled the seamless delivery of tasked imagery. We're building on that functionality and are happy to announce that any SPOT and Pléiades imagery you purchase through our download blocks will now be automatically accessible through your user storage.

Reuse Data GIF

Within the user storage, you'll find the data's asset_id that you can use when configuring a job to reuse the data as many times as you'd like.

Double the Data 📈

new coverage

We've radically expanded the amount of SPOT and Pléiades available through UP42 by enabling the collection of scenes in the OneAtlas Archived Storage. As you can see below, this brings much more consistency to our OneAtlas coverage and provides you with more options for many AOIs. For example, you can now choose between 2.7 times more scenes in the US than were previously available.

Search for data

New Machine Types ⚙️

Running geospatial analytics at scale requires powerful computing infrastructure. Indeed, as most geospatial developers are painfully aware, complex algorithms can take hours or even days to train or analyze large areas of interest.

With an expanding range of increasingly complex machine-learning algorithms available on the UP42 marketplace, it is incumbent upon us as a company to ensure we continue to provide an efficient infrastructure for such analysis.

As such, we now provide block builders with new options for larger CPU machines with 8 or 16 cores and 40 or 80 GB RAM and a GPU machine type - GPU P100 - to increase performance.

These new machine types will reduce job runtime significantly, ensuring you get the insights you need promptly. We've also significantly reduced the infrastructure costs associated with all our machine types making using UP42 for complex analysis more affordable.

Block Updates 🧱

Airbus Basemap (Download or Streaming)

Basemaps act as a layer upon which you can overlay geospatial information and visualize information within its broader context. This essential component of many geospatial analyses is now available through UP42 with sharp, consistent, and fresh imagery from OneAtlas.

This block provides 1.5 m SPOT imagery globally and 0.5 m Pléiades imagery for major urban areas. The data can be downloaded and streamed from UP42 in GeoTIFF format.

Global Seeps

Detecting oil on the ocean surface and differentiating between natural oil seepage and oil slicks is essential for oil exploration companies.

Developed over 20 years, Airbus has collated a global oil seep database covering 76 million sq km. It is updated yearly with new areas and updates on existing areas. This database acts as an invaluable cost-effective risk ranking tool for the OGME industry.

——— 🏢 Updates From The Team 👪 ———

Welcome Aboard 🚀

Yorick Dechenoix

We're excited to welcome Yorick, our new Senior Finance Manager to the UP42 team! Yorick arrives with vast experience in corporate finance teams and will bring a much-welcomed structured approach to our finance processes!

A globetrotting resident of the world, his move to Berlin will be his 29th relocation! In his spare time, Yorick enjoys entrepreneurship, hip-hop music, and sports — indeed, if he had a year off, he would choose to cycle from his home town to Tokyo! 🚲

Seulgi Son

Seulgi is another very exciting addition to the team. She comes aboard as a customer support engineer, helping UP42 users just like you build powerful geospatial products. Seulgi is a recent Masters graduate of Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich, having studied Geology.

Outside of work, Seulgi is a big fan of the outdoors. In normal times, you can be sure that she's spending her time hiking or cycling in the Munich, wider-European, or Alpine countryside! ⛰️

Come and Grow With Us 🌱

We're continually expanding our team to bring amazing new people just like you on board. Check out our latest open roles below, all our open positions here, or if you don't find what you're looking for, drop us a speculative application!

PR & Communications Manager

Join our growing marketing team and support us with building a comprehensive PR and communications strategy, working with internal and external resources to further the UP42 brand! | Apply now

Digital Marketing Manager

Are you passionate about digital marketing? In this exciting role, you'll have the opportunity to develop and execute digital campaigns across new and existing channels. | Apply now

Senior QA Automation Engineer

With product features and partner capabilities being shipped on an increasing frequent basis, we're expanding our QA team to ensure platform reliability and develop automated testing. | Apply now

Senior DevOps Engineer

Are you interested in being part of building the most secure and scalable product and analytics infrastructure in the geospatial industry? Then this role is for you! | Apply now

——— 📅 In Case You Missed It 😱 ———

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——— 🔮 Coming Up 👀 ———

Feature releases

Our engineering teams are hard at work delivering updates large and small, making it easier to build increasingly powerful geospatial products with UP42. And when they ship a new feature, we can't wait to tell you about it.

So rather than bottling everything up and only letting you know about everything monthly, we're excited to be developing our feature release functionality. Very soon, we'll deliver regular updates, large and small, directly to you in the UP42 console, along with a full feed of all our product updates in one place. Stay tuned!


But don't worry — while we will provide more regular updates via the new feature release functionality, we'll still be here, every month, providing the updates that matter most to you. So with that, we'll get back to delivering some cool new features and onboarding some incredible partners. See you in February!
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