Your March Update From The UP42 Team

Nathan Davis

Distributed in our own remote offices from Berlin to Colorado, the UP42 team has been hard at work improving the experience for purchasing, accessing, and analyzing high-resolution satellite imagery. We're excited to also share a number of exciting new capabilities from our incredible partners.

Check out what we've been up to this month 👇

——— ✨ What's New? 🚀 ———

CATALYST Ground Displacement 🚧

First announced at our Future of Farming webinar in early March, we're excited to share more details about our partnership with CATALYST, a PCI Geomatics brand.

CATALYST offers proven analytics enabled by photogrammetry and remote sensing and has kicked off the partnership with UP42 by making their Ground Displacement algorithm available on the marketplace.

CATALYST Ground Displacement Avatar

Using Differential Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR), this block enables you to track millimeter-level ground displacement cost-effectively by processing Sentinel-1 imagery. It is suitable for a range of use cases, including linear infrastructure monitoring, where ground movement can cause damage to critical infrastructure or be predictive of natural disasters.

Find out more about the partnership and CATALYST's capabilities during our joint webinar on April 8th.

Register now | Try the Ground Displacement block

Unified Search Results 🔎

It's been something of a standing agenda item in these updates for the past few months, so you won't be surprised to read that we've continued to optimize the experience of searching for, purchasing, and analyzing satellite imagery on UP42.

Unified Search

With this latest update, you can search and discover data to purchase or process in one unified set of search results. We've added tags to the catalog search results to differentiate between data that can be purchased or processed.

Whether you are looking for SPOT, Pléiades, or Sentinel-1, 2, 3, or 5P, you can simply select your AOI, filter by your requirements, and browse available imagery. Keep your eyes peeled for more satellite data sources to be added to the catalog search in the coming months!

Search for data

Sentinel-2 L2A Analytic 🛰

This new Sentinel-2 block provides access to the latest 12-bit Sentinel-2 imagery, ideal for processing and analytics purposes. With 13 spectral bands from visible and NIR to short-wave IR, this block's use cases are wide-ranging.

2019-03-17, Sentinel-2A L2A, True color

Users can access the 13 spectral bands at a resolution range of 10 to 60 meters and can use the band combinations to extract specific geolocation, agricultural, or vegetation features from an image.

The block will soon be compatible with the UP42 Pan-sharpening block, which brings all the spectral bands up to a 10m resolution.

Use this block

Weather Data from Meteomatics ☀️

The weather blocks provided by Meteomatics offer you fast and direct access to almost 1000 measured and derived parameters, including both historical data and forecasts.

As showcased by Meteomatics' meteorologist Larissa Ott in our Future of Farming webinar in early March, these weather parameters can powerfully augment traditional GIS use cases in agriculture and beyond. UP42 users can combine a range of vegetative indices with historical data for evapotranspiration, growing degree days, leaf wetness, and more.


Meteomatics bring three new blocks to the UP42 marketplace, specializing in Agriculture, Energy & Power, and Marine & Ocean, respectively. These new blocks streamline access to these specialized weather parameters.

Access Meteomatics data

——— 🏢 Updates From The Team 👪 ———

Welcome Aboard 🚀

Jose Sahad

We're excited to welcome Jose, our new Backend Engineering Manager, to the UP42 team! Jose is a highly experienced software engineer and manager, bringing to UP42 15 years of insights from Mulesoft, Medallia, and a host of other technology startups. As has been the focus of his career, Jose will contribute to furthering the scalability and reliability of UP42's backend infrastructure.

In his spare time, Jose loves to travel, rock climb, and hike in the mountains - a pastime that perhaps will be lacking in notoriously flat Berlin! We're sure Jose is looking forward to being to travel being easier again in the not-too-distant future! ⛰️

Come and Grow With Us 🌱

We're continually expanding our team to bring amazing new people just like you on board. Check out our latest open role below, all our open positions here, or if you don't find what you're looking for, drop us a speculative application!

Senior UX Designer 🎨

As we democratize access to geospatial data and analytics, we need a user experience that matches that vision through accessibility, ease of use, and simplifying a traditionally complex process. Do you want to be part of challenging the industry status quo and contribute to building a disruptive, yet simple UX at UP42? | Apply now

——— 📅 In Case You Missed It 😱 ———

Webinar: Future of Farming 🌽

Industrial agricultural methods coupled with geospatial insights are enabling huge strides forward in terms of crop productivity and yield consistency, the optimization of scarce and expensive resources, and the effects of large-scale farming on the natural landscape.

This webinar provides a technical overview of the most cutting-edge geospatial technologies centered around agricultural efficiency and taps into the latest trends in optical and radar imagery, weather data, and deep learning algorithms.

Everything you need to know about DEMs ⛰️


12.02.2021 | Nikita Marwaha | Our planet is a busy place—full of peaks, valleys, natural habitats, and human-made objects. When navigating… Read more

An Overview of Maritime and Port Security 🚢


22.02.2021 | Nikita Marwaha | With 90% of the world’s trade happening by sea, disruptions to the global flow of goods can have serious consequences… Read more


That's it for now. But we have tons of exciting things in the works that we'll announce in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled in Release Notes, or if you can wait a whole month, we'll meet you back here in April!

Nathan Davis

Product Marketing Manager

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