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We’re a team of dedicated designers, business minds, engineers, and strategists building the platform to change the way people understand our planet.


We believe personal growth is essential for professional growth

Work your way

Work your way

Our office is child-friendly and dog-friendly. We’ll also help with relocation and are totally fine with remote work days.

Make an impact

Make an impact

We show up to work with the intention of making a difference and helping other people use planetary data to do the same.

Learn and grow

Learn and grow

We offer a personalized education budget and German lessons at work. We own our mistakes and share our learnings together.


Discover our product and engineering teams

Core team

The Core team removes complex commercial barriers, allowing users to do business with us in a safe and scalable way.

Data team

The Data team makes discovery of and access to a variety of data sources possible for geospatial developers and solution builders.

Analytics team

The Analytics team builds the technology and ecosystem needed to unlock the analytics marketplace.

Experience team

The Experience team shortens the distance between intent and insight as our users navigate the ecosystem.

Tasking team

The Tasking team delivers an efficient way to task geospatial data at scale through unified tasking capabilities across multiple providers.

Integrations team

The Integrations team connects UP42 with critical platforms, standards, and tools to grant accessibility to a larger user base.

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