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Monitoring construction projects with geospatial imagery - Webinar

June 15th at 5 PM CET

Learn about using UP42 for engineering & construction projects

From tracking construction progress to identifying environmental impact, geospatial data is a mission critical component for modern companies building and monitoring infrastructure. For companies that include earth observation datasets to build their solutions, one of the biggest challenges is getting the right kind of data to solve these problems. Relying only on traditional methods of data acquisition is not enough anymore.

This is where UP42 comes in - working with companies that are pioneering a new way of doing things by mixing old and new techniques. We offer cutting edge remote sensing imagery from the world's leading providers for engineering and construction projects.

In this webinar, we take real world examples of construction projects and show how geospatial imagery can be invaluable at each project stage. From conducting feasibility studies of the project site to measuring the impact of construction on ground deformation, we will look at how successful engineering projects are executed with UP42's innovative data platform.

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June 15th at 5 PM CET


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