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UP42 is excited to announce our partnership with exactEarth, bringing industry-leading AIS data on our marketplace. Automatic Identification System (AIS) records the position, routes, destinations, ETAs, and more of every passenger and large commercial vessel worldwide.

With two AIS products from exactEarth, UP42 users can augment their analysis with either historical vessel position or vessel voyage data. These blocks can seamlessly enrich ship detection, port monitoring, and vessel route optimization, among many other maritime use cases.


A decade of data

exactEarth’s data blocks provide historical data dating back to 2010 - perfect for rigorous training of machine learning models.


Rich, actionable insights

Unlock the value of AIS data by combining it with other geospatial imagery and gain a truly holistic view of your maritime landscape.


Scalable infrastructure

Whether you are analyzing a 5km2 port or a 1,000,000km2 ocean, our infrastructure has you covered. Build your workflow - we’ll do the rest.


Access via API

As you move from prototyping to production, our Python SDK makes it easy. Automate your workflows and seamlessly embed AIS-based insights into your solutions.

Global AIS data provider


exactEarth was established in 2009 to bring AIS data to the global maritime market. In addition to AIS data, they offer a range of value-add data products and services, enabling maritime solution providers worldwide.

Utilizing their patented decollision algorithm, exactEarth have ensured the uninterrupted, performant transmission of AIS data for over a decade. As a result, they are able to offer data consumers an unparalleled level of accuracy and depth with their historical AIS data.

Access and analyze maritime data on UP42

Easily access data from multiple sources and apply algorithms to build your own solutions. UP42 provides you with the tools you need to integrate geospatial data into your workflows. We simplify data sourcing and processing so you can focus on creating world-changing products sooner.

Our network of partners bring together open and commercial sources of data such as satellite imagery and weather data—together with algorithms to identify objects, detect change, and find patterns. By partnering with exactEarth, UP42 customers can now access AIS data to enrich their maritime use cases.

Easily access geospatial data from multiple sources


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Explore our growing marketplace and choose from a variety of data sources from leading providers.


02. Analyze imagery

Use off-the-shelf processing algorithms to turn imagery into insights. Spot ships, identify wind turbines, monitor crops, and more.


03. Deliver solutions

Let machine learning and cloud computing do the heavy lifting for you. Save time, money, and resources with easy and scalable data analysis.

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