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Enhance precision mining operations through geospatial data

From planning and monitoring to minimizing environmental impact and emergency management, geospatial data increases operational efficiency and sustainability

Site selection, planning, and monitoring

Use remote sensing data to identify potential mining sites, plan future infrastructure, assess slope stability, and monitor safety remotely.

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Environmental monitoring

Minimize the negative impact of your operations. Monitor changes in land use, water resources, and vegetation, and improve mining site rehabilitation and reclamation.

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Emergency management

Develop predictive models to increase situational awareness, identify potential safety risks, and prevent natural disasters. Use real-time data to ensure prompt action in cases of emergency.

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UP42 platform

The one-stop-shop for geospatial data

UP42's platform offers a single touchpoint to order optical, SAR and elevation data, as well as processing algorithms. Build with confidence with our scalable infrastructure. Our experienced customer success, sales, and technical support teams will help you to define requirements, recommend the best data, and guide you from start to finish.

  • Discover archive data across multiple providers
  • Place tasking orders using our automated tasking solution
  • Manage large volumes of data with UP42 storage
  • Access via console, API, Python SDK or Esri ArcGIS Pro
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Example capabilities on the UP42 platform

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