UP42 and HEAD Aerospace

40+ Unique and Innovative Satellites

UP42 now offers HEAD Aerospace data from over 40 diverse satellites, providing high resolution, high revisit, wide swath, hyperspectral data, and more.

A huge expansion of our data offering

Seven Constellations From HEAD Aerospace

HEAD Aerospace's constellations bring several capabilities that augment UP42's expanding portfolio of high-value data providers. The breadth of HEAD Aerospace's satellite data offering opens up a host of new use cases for UP42 customers while improving our ability to deliver high-revisit tasking requests for any AOI.

  • Very high resolution
  • Wide swath
  • Very high revisit
  • Hyperspectral data
  • Night vision imagery
  • Tri-stereo acquisition

Key Capabilities

Very High Resolution

With 27 satellites that capture imagery at a submeter spatial resolution, HEAD Aerospace is able to reliably deliver high-resolution imagery of anywhere on Earth.

Ultra-Wide Swath

With swaths up to 136km, imagery of very large areas can be captured in a single pass. This is perfect for monitoring entire countries or large cities up to 40,000km2 without mosaicking.

More Than Daily Revisit

Combining constellations, HEAD Aerospace is able to capture imagery of the same AOI multiple times a day and night, unlocking surveillance, monitoring, and change detection use cases.

True Color Night Vision

HEAD’s NightVision & Video constellation with 9 on-orbit satellites that capture true color night imagery and video, ideal for change detection especially in the areas of vehicle and ship tracking.

Hyperspectral data

The Hyperscan constellation acquires data with 25 spectral bands spanning the visible, near-infrared, and mid-infrared portions of the spectrum, ideal for enhanced agricultural insights.

Altimeter-Equipped Tri-Stereo Acquisition

Capabilities on HEAD Aerospace’s Tri-Stereo ZY3 satellite boast better than 5m vertical accuracy, enabling extremely accurate mapping and DEM generation.

HEAD Aerospace's Constellations

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