Funicular (Elevation)

High-resolution elevation data on UP42

Build powerful 3D geospatial products leveraging digital elevation models.

Plan, construct, and monitor critical infrastructure

With UP42’s partnership with Intermap, digital elevation models with up to one-meter resolution are now available on our marketplace. The NEXTMap 3D elevation products are available as Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM), enabling you to build 3D solutions with or without surface objects, such as buildings or vegetation.

Elevation data can be used as an input to infrastructure planning use cases, ensuring the construction of railways, pipelines, and power lines are not planned across high-slope areas. Differences in elevation can also be tracked to ensure that geological hazards are monitored, predicted, and mitigated, minimizing damage and outages.


1. High resolution

Intermap’s NEXTMap One data block provides elevation models at a 1-meter spatial resolution, up to 1-meter vertical accuracy, and 3.5-meter horizontal accuracy.

2. High refresh rate and global coverage

Available for all countries and locations worldwide. Recent satellite collections are utilized to ensure data is up to date.

3. Powerful when combined

The construction and monitoring of critical infrastructure have many variables. Elevation is a powerful input, alongside weather data, satellite imagery, and more.

4. Pricing that scales

As you move from prototyping to production, our Python SDK makes it easy. Automate your workflows and seamlessly embed AIS-based insights into your solutions.

Geospatial industry leader


Based in Englewood, Colorado, Intermap Technologies is a provider of geospatial data sets, solutions, and software. The NEXTMap 3D products are seamless digital elevation models derived from satellite imagery and are available worldwide.

The NEXTMap DSMs deliver rich feature content, including vegetation, building structures, and roads. The DTMs are bare-earth elevation models from which surface features have been removed.

Access and analyze geospatial data on UP42


Easily access data from multiple sources and apply algorithms to build your own solutions. UP42 provides you with the tools you need to integrate geospatial data into your workflows. We simplify data sourcing and processing so you can focus on creating world-changing products sooner.

Our network of partners brings together open and commercial sources of data such as satellite imagery and weather data—together with algorithms to identify objects, detect change, and find patterns. By partnering with Intermap, UP42 customers can now access elevation data to enrich their infrastructure use cases, and more.

Easily access geospatial data from multiple sources

01. Choose data

01. Choose data

Explore our growing marketplace and choose from a variety of data sources from leading providers.

02. Analyze imagery

02. Analyze imagery

Use off-the-shelf processing algorithms to turn imagery into insights. Spot ships, identify wind turbines, monitor crops, and more.

03. Deliver solutions

03. Deliver solutions

Let machine learning and cloud computing do the heavy lifting for you. Save time, money, and resources with easy and scalable data analysis.

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