Sustainable 30cm Data from Near Space Labs

Affordable imagery from balloons now on the UP42 platform

Near Space Labs on UP42

Discover the most sustainable very high-resolution data on the market

Near Space Labs' zero-emission balloon technology helps you purchase with a conscious. Meanwhile, UP42 offers transparent pricing and AOI-based purchasing, and a flexible pay-per-use model to help you order with confidence.

  • 30cm data readily available (10cm coming soon)
  • API-first data ordering for fast archive access
  • Scalable infrastructure for running your workflows
  • Sub-daily flights, less cloud coverage
  • Analytics-ready with high georeferencing accuracy
  • Flexible, pay-per-use pricing model

High-Quality Images with Zero-Emissions

30cm Imagery

This data is discoverable via the API so that you can readily place and track orders at scale. All data comes analytics-ready, meaning non-local means denoising, sigmoidal contrast and white balancing, image-based atmospheric correction have been applied. Near Space Labs 30cm data currently covers regions in the United States and plans to provide and capture data globally in the future.

10cm Imagery

This is a brand new offering from Near Space Labs and not yet available via UP42. With 10cm data, you can easily identify fine features like roof details and ground textures. Just submit the form below to learn more about this data or to be notified when this data becomes available. Stay tuned as we integrate this highly valuable data into the UP42 platform.

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Get Detailed Insights with Near Space Labs Data

Detect Changes Near Vital Infrastructure

Sub-daily flights and 30cm spatial resolution enable infrastructure solution providers to keep a close eye on high-value assets and construction projects, detecting change and yielding actionable insights. Near Space Labs’ analytics-ready data combined with UP42’s REST APIs and Python SDK, you can develop and deploy monitoring solutions faster than ever.

Identify Risk and Opportunity

The fast and flexible API-first ordering process for 30 cm data allows emergency preparedness organizations and insurance companies to quickly identify and respond to unplanned events. With 10 cm resolution available upon request, you can zoom into sites as needed with unmatched detail.

Monitor Conservation Sites

With Near Space Labs sustainably sourced 30cm imagery, you can track easement properties, identify mining activities, surveil protected areas, and monitor restoration initiatives, in the most environmentally friendly means. Eliminate all emissions that coincide with site visits and or traditional aerial data sources, all while providing precise insights and coming at an affordable price.

Using UP42 Solves Key Geospatial Challenges

Earth Observation at its Best

Earth Observation at its Best

With a wide selection of data from VHR imagery, to DEMs, SAR, and more, take your solution to the next level by pairing datasets from our diverse marketplace.

Flexible AOI Requirements

Flexible AOI Requirements

Take advantage of our low minimum-AOI requirements to only download the specific scene that you need.

Automate Your Ordering Process

Automate Your Ordering Process

UP42 offers a truly developer-first platform for your needs. Leverage REST APIs to fully automate your discovery, ordering and delivery process.

Transparent, Pay-Per-Use Pricing

Transparent, Pay-Per-Use Pricing

Our pay-per-use pricing model is simple and transparent, and lets you easily make purchases based on your AOI size.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure

We provide enterprise-grade infrastructure for you to automate your current workflows and solve complex geospatial problems.

A World-Class Support Team

A World-Class Support Team

Our in-house team of geospatial experts will guide you throughout your development journey with contextual insights.

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