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UP42 helps you build the ideal remote sensing solution for oil and gas infrastructure. Are you looking to monitor construction work encroaching on pipeline tracks with 0,5m high-resolution optical data or analyze ground vegetation damages? UP42 provides you with all the data, algorithms, and infrastructure that you need in one place.

Explore our marketplace to find the data & analytics building blocks suited to your requirements, enabling you to answer field challenges from hundreds of miles away.

Pipeline Maintenance

How does UP42 help you?

Access the best data

In one platform, UP42 lets you stream high-resolution satellite data or order ortho-rectified aerial imagery, giving you all the options you need to plan work with fewer patrols in the field.

Process the data with algorithms

Extracting vital information, such as temporal change or ground vegetation composition is possible directly in the UP42 platform. Get your insights on your desktop instead of on-site.

Scalable infrastructure

Whether you are analyzing a 5km2 hub or a 100,000km route, our infrastructure has you covered. Pick your AOI and pay just for it.

Access via API

As you move from prototyping to production, our Python SDK makes it easy. Automate your workflows and seamlessly embed results into your solutions.

Why use remote sensing for oil & gas pipeline monitoring?

It is invaluable for oil and gas companies to monitor, maintain, and protect pipeline infrastructures. Third-party damages, construction work, unofficial encroachments, agriculture & forest management, or seismic activity may severely impact pipelines routes. In the U.S., the oil & gas transmission network covers more than 4,000,000km — this makes traditional monitoring methods, such as foot patrol extremely expensive and inefficient.

Together with the increasing effectiveness of processing technologies, advances in remote sensing technologies such as UAV, aerial photography or satellite data are making earth observation technologies a suitable, scalable, on-demand alternative for remote monitoring of gas and oil transmission pipelines.

Build your Oil & Gas solution on UP42

Easily access data from multiple sources and apply algorithms to build your own solutions. UP42 provides you with the tools you need to integrate geospatial data into your workflows. We simplify data sourcing and processing so you can focus on creating world-changing products sooner.

Our network of partners brings together open and commercial sources of data such as satellite imagery and weather data—together with algorithms to identify objects, detect the change, and find patterns.

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