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Oil & Gas Tankfarms Detection

Oil & Gas Storage Tanks Detection

Leverage the power of remote sensing to detect tankfarms

Oil Storage Tank Detection with Geospatial Imagery

There are numerous applications around oil and gas resources mapping, such oil price predictions and energy independence. Leveraging remote sensing and satellite imagery together with analytic algorithms enables you to get an accurate and up-to-date mapping of stored resources. Coupled with temporal change detection algorithms, geospatial technologies can prove invaluable in monitoring construction sites or predicting stocks.

Oil Storage Tank Detection
High-resolution data

High-resolution data

Choose from a wide range of high-resolution commercial and open satellite and aerial data.

Rich, actionable insights

Rich, actionable insights

Apply best-in-class machine learning algorithms or processing modules to detect tankfarms, oil terminals and other storing facilities.

Scalable infrastructure

Scalable infrastructure

Whether you are analyzing a 5km2 refinery or a 1,000,000km2 land, our infrastructure has you covered. Build your workflow - we’ll do the rest.

Access via API

Access via API

As you move from prototyping to production, our Python SDK makes it easy. Automate your workflows and seamlessly embed results into your solutions.

Storage Tank Detection

Storage Tank Detection by Airbus

Storage Tank Detection developed by Airbus detects oil and gas storage tanks on SPOT imagery. Airbus Defence and Space offers a range of products combining advanced analytics and high-resolution satellite imagery. They provide unprecedented access to insights on drilling, fracking, and oil production.

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Easily access data from multiple sources and apply algorithms to build your own solutions. UP42 provides you with the tools you need to integrate geospatial data into your workflows. We simplify data sourcing and processing so you can focus on creating world-changing products sooner.

Our network of partners brings together open and commercial sources of data such as satellite imagery and weather data—together with algorithms to identify objects, detect the change, and find patterns.

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