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Vegetation Management with UP42

Why You Should Add Satellite-Based Analysis To Your Vegetation Management Solution

Learn about satellite-based vegetation management

From power lines to railways, encroaching vegetation can cause downtime, damage, and even major catastrophes. Traditionally vegetation along linear infrastructure was managed by proactive vegetation removal and infrequent, yet resource-intensive, monitoring from helicopters or drones.

But the advent of higher-resolution satellite imagery, more frequent revisit, and broader coverage has enabled satellite-based analysis to emerge as an additional option for vegetation management.

Hear from industry experts and see technical walkthroughs into how satellite-based analysis can augment existing drone or helicopter-based insights, drastically reducing costs for the end user, and even acting as an early warning system for vegetation encroachment.


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The Speakers

Miriam Gonzalez, Partnerships Manager

Miriam has built a career in geospatial startups. Currently she is doing partnerships at UP42. She is Geochicas co-founder, President of the Board in HOTOSM and Energy EO Evangelist in the FIRE project. She is passionate about how geospatial data and Earth observation technologies can change the world.

Sergiu Iliev, Co-Founder and CTO

Sergiu Illiev is CTO and co-founder of Spacept. By training, he is an aerospace engineer with machine learning research experience at Carnegie Mellon University and Imperial College London. He also has experience at NASA and ESA and investment banking experience at Citi.

Eric Langenskiöld, Co-Founder and CEO

Eric is the CEO and co-founder of Spacept. His background is in business development and B2B sales as well as sustainable business management. Eric is a serial entrepreneur and has previously built and sold 5 companies.

Nicolas Draber, Co-Founder and CPO

Nicolas is co-founder and CPO of Sterblue. Sterblue's platform helps energy companies monitor their assets thanks to drones, satellites or helicopters to output unique insights necessary for the operations and maintenance. Nicolas visited utility companies over 5 continents to deploy innovative infrastructure inspection solutions.

Seulgi Son, Customer Support Engineer

A Master's graduate of Ludwig-Maximilians Universität having studied Geology and Earth Science, Seulgi is a customer support engineer at UP42. She enables customers to build powerful geospatial products by assisting with the technical aspects of the platform and managing the acquisition of tasking imagery.

Learn More About Satellite-Based Vegetation Management

Satellite-Powered Utility Vegetation Management with AiDash

AiDash uses UP42 to transform vegetation management for a Fortune 500 power utility company, leveraging DSM and stereo satellite imagery to ensure vegetation does not encroach on transmission lines.

Detecting Tree Height With LiveEO

LiveEO uses UP42 to provide accurate tree height measurements that have a real-world impact when analyzing vegetation encroachment and fallen tree risk near railway tracks.

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