Accelerate Your Projects With UP42

A developer platform and marketplace, offering the ability to build or distribute geospatial aviation products at the speed of a startup.

There are many ways you can accelerate your projects and business with UP42

Use UP42 for your projects

Use UP42 for your projects

Leverage UP42's infrastructure and comprehensive marketplace of geospatial data and analytics to build scalable internal, R&D, or customer solutions.

Introduce partners to UP42

Introduce partners to UP42

Make introductions to potential partners to UP42 to accelerate technical integrations or test market demand for innovative new technologies.

UP42 as a distribution channel

UP42 as a distribution channel

Distribute geospatial data or analytics capabilities through the UP42 marketplace to expand your reach, test new markets, and collaborate on co-marketing campaigns.

Use UP42 for your projects

Build powerful geospatial solutions

Apply a range of pre-processing and analytical capabilities to high-resolution satellite, aerial, elevation, and weather data to build solutions for air traffic management, building or infrastructure monitoring, and airport activity analysis.

  • Access Airbus and external data in a single platform
  • Leverage out-of-the-box geospatial analytics workflows
  • Build on our infrastructure and integrate into your own tools

Use case spotlight

Manage Autonomous and Manned Air Traffic

Access high-resolution elevation models

Stream NextMap One or WorldDEM digital elevation models from Intermap and Airbus, respectively, to visualize and understand the landscape of your areas of interest.

Analyze DEMs with Intermap Viewshed

Process your digital surface model through Intermap's Viewshed model to understand all the areas from a given height at your point of interest that have a clear line of sight.

Understand terrain, evaluate line-of-sight

Integrate the digital surface model data and viewshed outputs into autonomous aircraft models to provide an understanding of obstacles and insights into the fastest routes with a clear line-of-sight.

Use case spotlight

Measure Air Quality Using Satellite Data

Open data from Sentinel-5P

Sentinel-5P, a Copernicus satellite, conducts atmospheric monitoring worldwide. This data in UP42 is preprocessed to convert it to Level 3, making it possible to measure the SO2 concentration.

Monitor sulphur dioxide

The daily average of SO2, a harmful particulate, can be accessed directly and plotted using the UP42 Time Series Image Statistics processing block.

Combine with weather data

The outputs of your time series can be combined with Meteomatics weather data, which has a number of measurements of atmospheric particulates to augment your analysis.

Use case spotlight

High-resolution satellite imagery

Access a vast library of archive Pleiades imagery and task a satellite at regular intervals, guaranteeing high-quality capture at a low cloud coverage.

Detect objects, such as aircrafts

Use Aircraft Detection from Orbital Insights or a host of other object detection algorithms for buildings and vehicles, in order to monitor airport activity.

Monitor changes and spot trends

Use the UP42 Count Ojects block to turn your detected objects into a time-series data set, enabling you to make predictions and detect anomalies.

Intro UP42 to partners

Start working with innovative companies through UP42

UP42 can help you kickstart the relationship with innovative companies. Introduce them to UP42, get their capabilities on our platform and begin building solutions based on their technology in no time at all.

  • Access new technologies through UP42 to avoid new costly integrations
  • Accelerate business collaborations and gauge market interest
  • Combine potential new partner technology with existing UP42 capabilities

Types of capabilities

Distribute Various Capabilities Through UP42

Processed data

Processed data

Make processed data sets available to UP42 customers for vertical-specific solutions. These data sets may be pre-processed imagery or vector files outlining specific geospatial objects or occurrences.

Examples include WorldDEM™ Full Resolution and Airbus Basemap (Download).



Enable UP42 users to prepare data for analysis with pre-processing capabilities, such as super-resolution or the generation of different data types, such as elevation models.

Examples include Cloud Mask and Super-resolution Pléiades/SPOT.



Enable UP42 customers to apply your algorithms to a range of data sets from very high-resolution satellite imagery to elevation models, using UP42's workflow engine.

Examples include Change Detection and Ship Detection.

Use UP42 to accelerate your projects

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