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UP42 webinars

Webinar: Order and manage satellite imagery with UP42

November 15th Wednesday at 5 PM CET

Using UP42 for geospatial projects

If you work in the geospatial field, you've already heard some of these common pains.

  • “Which EO provider is the best for my AOI?”
  • "How can I get better access to prices and quotes?"
  • "It’s too complicated to place tasking orders."

Ordering and managing geospatial data can often become a big project by itself, hampering your business growth.

In this webinar, you will learn how UP42 stands unique with:

  • The world’s leading collection of EO data and analytics providers
  • An intuitive product experience that replaces tedious email conversations
  • A data management solution that enables easier downstream integrations

Our speakers will walk you through a real-life geospatial project: you’ll get firsthand experience of placing orders on the UP42 platform, tasking satellites with minimal emails, and accessing your UP42 data through your ArcGIS Pro account. You can interact with our expert speakers and learn more with a live Q&A at the end of the session.

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November 15th at 5 PM CET

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