Satellite-Based Vegetation Management

From power lines to railways, encroaching vegetation can cause downtime, damage, or even catastrophes. Use remote sensing to level up your vegetation management.

Augment Vegetation Management With Satellite Imagery, Elevation Models, and AI

LiDAR and photogrammetry are essential tools in the vegetation management process. However, the advent and democratization of high-resolution satellite imagery complement existing solutions by bringing an unmatched level of scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

Analyze hundreds of kilometers of linear infrastructure in one analysis to accurately identify risk areas that can be investigated further with helicopter optical imagery, LiDAR, and UAV photogrammetry

  • Stereo and tri-Stereo 0.5m resolution tasking for accurate DEM generation
  • Up to 20cm digital surface models from the HxGN Content Program
  • Out-of-the-box analytics for vegetation indices and tree height detection

Complementary Technologies

Satellites, UAV Photogrammetry, and LiDAR

Satellite-based analysis is an excellent solution for detecting vegetation encroachment along powerlines, railways, and other infrastructure. But it is not a replacement for LiDAR or photogrammetry. LiDAR imagery captured during helicopter flights a level of 3D accuracy that enables insights, such as detecting transmission line sag. Meanwhile, UAV photogrammetry enables accurate capture and corridor mapping for areas that are difficult to access by helicopters.

However, both helicopter and drone flights are expensive, time-consuming, and largely manual, limiting the scalability and repeatability of their analysis.

Satellite-based analysis Helicopter-based LiDAR UAV photogrammetry
Cost €€€ €€
KM per data acquisition 100s of KMs 100-200km 5-15km
Approximate resolution Optical - 50cm
DSM - Up to 20cm
10-50cm Up to 1cm
Authorization required? No Yes Yes

What are the benefits of remote sensing in vegetation management?

Frequency and Scale

Frequency and Scale

Remove the constraints of LiDAR and UAV photogrammetry. Capture thousands of kilometers of linear infrastructure in a single pass on as regular a cadence as you desire.



Avoid costly image capture of your entire linear infrastructure. Identify risk areas using satellite imagery and elevation models and focus your manual, UAV, or LiDAR coverage on those areas.

Reliability and Predictability

Reliability and Predictability

Reduce the risk of not being able to capture imagery due to weather conditions. Task a satellite for a specific date and time, and specify your maximum cloud coverage.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Compliance

Minimize Risk, Maximize Compliance

Get satellite imagery of the most inaccessible points of your infrastructure. No local authorization required, and no employees are put in potentially dangerous areas.

Vegetation Management In Practice

Satellite-Powered Utility Vegetation Management with AiDash

AiDash uses UP42 to transform vegetation management for a Fortune 500 power utility company, leveraging DSM and stereo satellite imagery to ensure vegetation does not encroach on transmission lines.

Detecting Tree Height With LiveEO

LiveEO uses UP42 to provide accurate tree height measurements that have a real-world impact when analyzing vegetation encroachment and fallen tree risk near railway tracks.

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