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Coming back soon: currently not available. Calculate a viewshed from an observer location over a Digital Elevation Model.

Technical information

The algorithm’s input is a DEM, an observer location, height above the ground for the observation, and a range of azimuth angles defining the observation direction. Based on a calculated maximum target distance and target height the algorithm determines whether every potential target within the maximum distance will be visible.


The algorithm’s accuracy and reliability is directly proportional to the quality of the input DEM.

Input Parameter Description

Input: DEM, observer location, height above ground of observer, azimuth range of observation (between 0 and 360 degrees), observer radium

Output parameter description

The output is a GeoTIFF imagery file. The output file only contains the bounding box around the observer up to the maximum specified distance and not the entire input DEM range. The imagery is 8-bit, 4 bands, RGBA so that pixels out of range can be set to transparent. Visible pixels are set to green and invisible pixels are set to red.

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