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Global Seeps Sample

Provides a UK sample of the Global Seeps database.


Global Seeps Sample Data block provides a UK sample of the Global Seeps database and is a cost-effective risk ranking tool for the oil & gas industry. Global Seeps screening uses satellite data acquired over the ocean to detect any oil slicks that may be present on the sea surface. Oil slicks are ranked based on the likelihood of being natural or manmade.

Key Applications

Oil seep information is valuable for the detection and monitoring of natural seepage and oil pollution on the oceans surface. The Global Seeps database can be used for:

  • Screening of frontier basins
  • Risk-ranking prior to new exploration
  • Obtaining spatial characteristics of the oil slick over areas of existing production
  • Planning surface geochemical programmes
  • Seismic planning and integration
  • Tool to link geological interpretation from onshore to offshore
  • Environmental monitoring: environmental risk assessment, impact statement or full environmental baseline
  • Planning of follow up near real time slick mapping and sampling

Sample Dataset

The sample dataset consists of 4 vector layers:

  • Ships_Rigs – All ships and rigs identified on a satellite scene – point feature class
  • Slick_Points – The predicted oil slick source point – point feature class
  • Slick_Outlines – The outline of the oil slick on the satellite image
  • Scenes – The outline of each satellite scene

Global Seeps - Full Dataset

The full Global Seeps database is an off-the-shelf oil slicks database for the worldwide exploration industry. It has been developed over 20 years and covers 76 million sqkm over all of the world’s major hydrocarbon basins. The archive comprises over 32,500 interpreted scenes and continues to expand. The database is updated every year with new areas, increasing the coverage and confidence of the findings. Specific areas can be updated upon customer request.

If you are interested in the commercial dataset, please reach out to [email protected].

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