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Landsat 8 (GeoTIFF-Bundle)

Provides Landsat 8 Full Scenes data in MTL format consisting of one GeoTIFF file per band with metadata.


Landsat 8 (GeoTIFF-Bundle) provides Landsat-8 data from Google Cloud Storage bucket. All Landsat 8 scenes are available from the start of imagery capture. All new Landsat 8 scenes are made available each day, often within hours of production.

The Landsat program is a joint effort of the U.S. Geological Survey and NASA. First launched in 1972, the Landsat series of satellites has produced the longest, continuous record of Earth land surface as seen from space. NASA is in charge of developing remote-sensing instruments and spacecraft, launching the satellites, and validating their performance. USGS develops the associated ground systems, then takes ownership and operates the satellites, as well as managing data reception, archiving, and distribution. Since late 2008, Landsat data have been made available to all users free of charge. Carefully calibrated Landsat imagery provides the U.S. and the world with a long-term, consistent inventory of vitally important global resources.


This dataset is stored on Google Cloud Storage. For more information, please see the websites about Landsat 8 on GCS or on USGS.

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