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HxGN Content Program, 30 cm EU (Download)

Provides RGB+NIR imagery with 30 cm GSD in GeoTIFF across Europe.


About the HxGN Content Program

Hexagon’s aerial data program, the HxGN Content Program, offers the largest library of aerial imagery across the United States, Europe and parts of Canada.
The data is ortho-rectified, accurate, and available at multiple resolutions for streaming and download.
The program follows rigorous acquisition and processing standards to offer the highest positional accuracy for applications such as mapping, land and infrastructure management, agriculture, insurance, forestry, real estate, app development and many more.
The exceptional data consistency over large areas makes this the ideal training data set for machine learning and AI algorithms.
Flexible data use terms enable the creation of derived analytics products to turn the imagery into actionable information.

Highest accuracy

The data is processed by a team of surveying and mapping experts using stringent quality control methods to correct seam lines and colour. High positional accuracy of the data is ensured to meet professional quality standards.

Consistent imagery

Entire states are captured in one flying season, ensuring reliable and consistent imagery throughout the data set.

Cost effective

Hexagon’s aerial imagery is provided as a streaming service on a sq km pricing model with very transparent pricing

Regular refresh

Hexagon’s aerial imagery is captured on a planned and pre-published refresh schedule, keeping the content current and up-to-date inside the streaming platform. Through UP42 you are guaranteed to always get access to the latest data within your area of interest.

Data Sheet

Looking for Ortho Imagery Specifications? Find the data sheet here.


Internal Use: For customers who are using this block to perform their daily operations, and keep the dataset and all derivatives for internal use only.

Streaming vs. Download: This block is a Download block which allows downloading or storing the original images, and not only the analytics results. This page describes the differences in more detail.

More information

For more information about the Content Program, please visit the provider website.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

Terms & Conditions

View the End User License Agreement conditions.
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