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Airbus Basemap (Streaming)

Airbus Basemap layer in GeoTIFF format.


Airbus Basemap (Streaming) provides 1.5 m SPOT imagery globally and 0.5 m Pléiades imagery for major urban areas. The data output is provided in GeoTIFF format.

Businesses, governments and institutions rely more and more on geolocalised information. To take informed decisions, prepare effective action plans or monitor missions, they use a basemap to visualize the context that surrounds their people and assets on the ground.

When the stakes are high, this context has to be sharp, fresh and consistent. The Airbus Basemap is built with this goal in mind: Airbus commits to consistently deliver the most reliable satellite imagery basemap to their customers.

Use Cases

  • Defence and Security: Plan missions and operations, map, report and update positions, movements and risk areas, select transportation routes and access point
  • Location-based services: Derivative maps: create or refresh an imagery database, App developer portal: off-the-shelf imagery layer, Embedded in apps: vehicle tracking, route planning, parcel delineation…
  • National Mapping Agencies: administrative activities (land use management, census, support to agriculture…). It can also be shared with citizens on a web portal.
  • Industrials: for mapping oil and gas locations, or planning civil engineering missions


Internal Use: For customers who are using this block to perform their daily operations, and keep the dataset and all derivatives for internal use only.

Streaming vs. Download: This block is a Streaming block which does not allow downloading or storing the original images, only the analytics results. This page describes the differences in more detail.

Volume Discounts

The volume pricing discounts apply for areas larger than 1600 sq km per job.

More Information

For more information about this data, please see the technical documentation or the provider website.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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