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SPOT 6/7 Display (Download)

SPOT imagery in its original DIMAP format. Pan-sharpened RGB and NIR (1.5 m) bands with 8 bits.


SPOT 6/7 are high-resolution twin satellites offering 1.5m resolution products. They can cover large-area in single pass up to 100,000km². They are especially designed to cover nationwide areas within a season.

The block provides pansharpened SPOT data in its original DIMAP format clipped to the provided AOI. The datasets are using geographic coordinates (EPSG:4326) and can be processed with the DIMAP -> GeoTIFF Conversion block or by specialised GIS/Remote Sensing Software. The available output bands of the SPOT block are: red, green, blue and NIR (1.5 m resolution). This block has a special feature: it is possible to order (and pay for) the data once and then run workflows using this data as often as needed. It is also possible to make a reliable data cost estimation using the Test Query feature.

This Visual imagery product returns 4 bands (RGB, NIR) with 8 bits. Many analytics blocks cannot process the output of this block directly but need it to be pre-processed using the DIMAP -> GeoTIFF (UP42) block. Please check the corresponding processing block descriptions if they explicitly state that they support SPOT 6/7 Display (Download) data.

Technical information

Archive date / refresh frequencyA selection of SPOT images acquired every day worldwide, since December 2017, to provide a yearly coverage of the globe.
Frequency bandsPanchromatic: 0.450-0.745 μm / Blue: 0.450-0.520 μm / Green: 0.530-0.590 μm / Red: 0.625-0.695 μm / Near Infrared: 0.760-0.890 μm
ResolutionPanchromatic: 1.5m / Swath: 60km at nadir
Processing levelOrtho Bundle 8bits Display JPEG2000 (Level3)
Data formatJPEG2000 & DIMAP format

Band information and revisit rate

Band CategorySpatial ResolutionRevisit
Visible (3)1.5m1 day
Near-Infrared (1)1 m1 day

Use cases

For more information about potential use cases, see the case study gallery.


Internal Use: For customers who are using this block to perform their daily operations, and keep the dataset and all derivatives for internal use only.

Streaming vs. Download: This block is a Download block which allows downloading or storing the original images, and not only the analytics results. This page describes the differences in more detail.

More information

For more information, please visit the technical documentation.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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