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TerraSAR-X EEC Full Scenes (Sample Data)

Free geocoded TerraSAR-X sample data stacks in full resolution (EEC format)


TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X are two German Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Earth observation satellites with the commercial distribution rights being owned by Airbus Defence and Space GmbH.

Their flexible acquisition modes (six different) and imaging characteristics benefit data collections from very-high-resolution (up to 0.25m) to wide-area-coverage. Due to the nature of SAR, the satellites operate independently of daylight and weather conditions resulting in an unrivalled reliability in terms of data collections.

Technical information

Archive date / refresh frequencyThere are datasets available for Silicon Valley / Bay Area and New Delhi as multitemporal stacks. TerraSAR-X has got a revisit time of 11 days to the same point on Earth.
Frequency bandsX-Band
ResolutionTwo Acquisition Modes available: 1. Staring SpotLight (ST): up to 0.25m resolution; scene size approx. 4 x 3.7km2 (); 2. StripMap (SM): up to 3m resolution; scene size 30 x 50km2. () Actual scene size depends on incidence angle
Processing levelEEC (Enhanced Ellipsoid Corrected)
Data formatEEC: The 16 bit GeoTiff format can in principle be displayed with any image processing software. Special care has to be taken upon histogram manipulation. Depending on the analysis purpose, different parts of the histogram may be used for enhancement.


AOIGoogle Earth Image
Silicon Valley / SF Bay Area (StripMap)Silicon Valley
Richmond (Staring Spotlight)Richmond
New Delhi (StripMap) and Airport New Delhi (Staring SpotLight)New Delhi
Coverage in .kmzDownload ZIP

Data Stack

AOIModePolInc. angleOrbit directionNr. of scenes per stackStack starting date
Silicon ValleySMHH35°ascending33Sep 9, 2019
RichmondSTHH47°ascending20Mar 10, 2020
New DelhiSMHH31°descending30Sep 22, 2019
Airport New DelhiSTHH43°ascending20Feb 7, 2020

Use cases

Multi-resolution – Multi-scale – Multi-polarized Acquisition Modes – from extensive maritime coverage to image interpretation close to optical (commercially unique resolution). Precise Monitoring System (IMINT and Mapping, Maritime Monitoring, Change Detection).

EEC: The product allows a quick and highly accurate overlay with other spatial data. It is used for all kinds of mapping purposes that require a precise geocoding. Even Amplitude Change Detection can be performed, provided layover areas are excluded from the analysis.

You want to learn about potential use cases and look for a kickstart to SAR image interpretation, have a look at the SAR for Beginners guide (PDF).

More information

For more information about this data, please check the provider website.


Are you interested in additional areas?

In case of any commercial interest in TerraSAR-X Radar acquisitions or archive data over your specific areas, please contact UP42’s Sales Team:

[email protected]


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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