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Sentinel-1 L1 GRD (SAFE)

Provides Sentinel-1 L1 GRD Full Scenes data in SAFE format.


Sentinel-1 L1 GRD (SAFE) provides full scenes of Sentinel-1 (A/B)'s C-band synthetic aperture radar sensor in processing level L-1C Ground Range Detected (GRD) in SAFE folder structure.

The output format is identical to the unzipped SAFE folder that can be acquired from ESA’s Scihub or other DIAS systems. The archive is available from mission start in 2014. AOI selection of this block will yield a full scene that contains the extent of your AOI and if paired with a processing algorithm, the entire scene will be processed as the AOI selector is not a clip function.

The Copernicus Sentinel-1 is a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) mission, offering 4 imaging modes with different resolution (down to 5m) and coverage (up to 400m). The mission is composed of a constellation of 2 satellites (1A and 1B) sharing the same orbital plane.

Note: This is an Analytic imagery product that returns multispectral bands with 16 bits. Please check the corresponding block descriptions if they explicitly state that they can handle this type of data.

Technical information

Archive date / refresh frequencyRolling archive is 9 months / Archives available from mission start (2014) on request
/ Archive warmup functionality will be released in H1 '21
Frequency bandsSynthetic Aperture Radar in C-band
ResolutionStrip map: 80 km swath, 5 x 5 m resolution / Interferometric Wide Swath: 250 km swath, 5 x 20 m spatial resolution / Extra-Wide Swath: 400 km swath, 20 x 40 m spatial resolution / Wave: 20 x 20 km, 5 x 5 m spatial resolution
Processing levelL1C GRD
Data formatSAFE archive with JPEG2000 imagery

Use cases

The Copernicus Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) instrument is particularly suited for the assessment of land use/ land cover, soil moisture, water content and frost/thaw state. A variety of applications for this sensor data can be envisioned, e.g. ship routing in arctic conditions, agriculture, vegetation and oil spills monitoring.

More information

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