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Sentinel-3 (NetCDF)

Provides Sentinel-3 Full Scenes data in NetCDF format.


Sentinel-3 (NetCDF) provides full scenes of all Sentinel-3 products in the original NetCDF data format (15 products). The Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission measures e.g. sea and land surface temperature, sea surface topography, ocean and land surface colour to support ocean forecasting systems, environmental monitoring and climate monitoring. The data product can be specified by setting the ‘imagery_layer’ parameter in the block configuration.

Technical information

SL_1_RBT___Brightness temperatures and radiances
OL_1_EFR___Full Resolution top of atmosphere
OL_2_LFR___Full Resolution Land and Atmosphere parameters
OL_2_WFR___Full Resolution Water & atmosphere parameters
SL_2_WST___Level 2P Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST like)
SL_2_LST___Land Surface Temperature Parameters
SY_2_SYN___Surface Reflectances and Aerosol measurements over Land
SR_2_LAN___1Hz and 20Hz Ku and C bands parameters (LRM/SAR), waveforms. Over land, coastal areas, land ice and inland water
SR_2_WAT___1Hz and 20Hz Ku and C bands parameters (LRM/SAR), waveforms. Over open ocean, coastal areas, sea-ice and part of land within a certain distance from the coastline
OL_1_ERR___Reduced Resolution top of atmosphere
OL_2_LRR___Reduced Resolution Land and Atmosphere parameters
OL_2_WRR___Reduced Resolution Water & atmosphere parameters
SY_2_VGP___1 km VEGETATION Like product (VGT-P)-TOA Reflectances
SY_2_VG1___1 km VEGETATION Like product (VGT-S1) 1 day synthesis surface reflectances and NDVI
SY_2_V10___1 km VEGETATION Like product (VGT-S10) 10 days synthesis surface reflectances and NDVI

Data Archive

Archive date / refresh frequency: Rolling archive is 9 months. Archives available from mission start on request. Archive warmup functionality will be released in H1 '2.

More information

For more information about this data, please see the documentation or check the provider website.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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