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Reservoirs and Lakes Surface Area Timeseries Dataset

Retrieves surface area variations of lakes and reservoirs within the given bounding box and time range.


ReaLSAT (Reservoirs and Lakes Surface Area Timeseries) dataset provides monthly surface area variations of 540,000 water bodies across the world (which includes 12,000 reservoirs) for the period 1984 - 2015.

ReaLSAT vector dataset provides high quality and coverage of surface area variations of water bodies instead of pixel based land/water maps, which makes it much more suitable for a number of water resource planning applications.

Key features

ReaLSAT vector dataset provides a separate layer which contains reservoirs that have been identified using automated methods. ReaLSAT contains 6,000 more reservoirs compared to the well known existing dataset GRanD (Global Reservoir and Dam) dataset.
The dataset is available free of charge for the duration 1984 - 2015 and
provides area shapes at monthly scale for each water body.

A processing block to compute near real time area and volume variations at 10m spatial resolution will be available soon. If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming processing block, please contact the provider.

Note: When running a job using this block, select “bbox” as geometry filter option before selecting your AOI.

Dataset Specifications

Duration1984 - 2015
Imagery usedLANDSAT
Spatial Resolution30 m
Temporal ResolutionMonthly

More information

For more information about the data provided by this block, please see the provider website. Please visit the documentation page to learn more about using this data block.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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