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WorldDEM DTMlite

Provides a worldwide, consistent, and high precision Digital Terrain Model (DTM) at 24m resolution in GeoTIFF format.


WorldDEM DTMlite is an automatically generated global digital terrain model (DTM) derived from the WorldDEM™ product, offered by Airbus Defence and Space. WorldDEM DTMlite is the global digital terrain model covering seamlessly and homogeneously the entire land surface of the Earth at an unrivaled resolution of 24 meters meeting high-quality standards.

WorldDEM DTMlite is an accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM) on a Global Scale. It is an automatically generated Digital Terrain Model (DTM) meeting basic quality requirements and closes gaps in the market between LiDAR and existing large area elevation models.

Dataset Availability and Refresh

A single data source Digital Terrain Model, automatically produced, 24m posting, based on the WorldDEM


  • Global off-the-shelf availability
  • Bare Earth: man-made objects and vegetation are removed
  • Consistent and uniform resolution of 24m
  • Available in large areas (global, continent, DRS cone, country)
  • Accurate: <4 m (relative)

Sensitive countries are excluded from the download of the full-resolution product (please contact [email protected] for a release request).

Product Specification Document: PDF

Resolution or Coverage

24 m x 24 m raster, global coverage

Processing Level

Edited Digital Surface Model

Data Format & Metadata

  • File Format: GeoTIFF
  • Data Type: 32 Bit, floating
  • NoData Value: -32767.0
  • Projection: Geographic Coordinates
  • Coordinate Reference System: Horizontal WGS84-G1150, Vertical EGM2008
  • Pixel Spacing: 0.8 arcsec (approx. 24m)
  • Vertical Unit: Meter

Volume Discounts

For orders larger than 2,500 sq km, please contact [email protected] for volume discounts.

User Registration Process and Block Access

Due to regulations about this data set, a user registration and compliance process is required before access to the block is granted. Block access can currently not be provided for individual users.

More Information

For more information, please visit the technical documentation or the provider website.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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