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Image Augmentor

Performs histogram normalization and denoising (optional) on one (or more) images in preparation for further processing such as change detection.


The Augmentor first applies a color quantization algorithm that reduces the number of distinct pixel colors in the image to 64. Histogram equalization is then applied, increasing contrast in the image, followed by a final adaptive denoising and color denoising algorithm that can be set depending on the amount of noise in the image.
The Augmentor is applicable to a variety of instances due to its ability to take custom denoising and color denoising factors depending on the noise of the image. The default denoising factor is 0 and the default color denoising factor is 10, with a recommended denoising value of around 50 for images with high noise like oil spills, and a recommended denoising value of 0 for images with high amounts of detail like cities.

Use cases include Vegetation Management, Urban Planning & Construction, Fire Risk Estimation, Land Use and Management, Forestry, Powerline inspection, Trainline inspection

Supported Workflows:

This block currently can be used with:

  • Sentinel-2 L2A Visual (GeoTIFF)
  • Pléiades / SPOT Display (Streaming) -> Raster Tiling
  • Pléiades / SPOT Display (Download) -> DIMAP -> GeoTIFF Conversion

Future data blocks integration will come in next versions – reach out to [email protected].


“denoising_factor” – default 0
description “Parameter regulating filter strength for luminance component. Bigger h value perfectly removes noise but also removes image details, smaller h value preserves details but also preserves some noise”

“colour_denoising_factor” – default 10 if denoising_factor different from 0, and 0 otherwise.
The same as h but for color components. For most images value equals 10 will be enought to remove colored noise and do not distort colors

Example Input



To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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