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Performs automatic detection and correction of sub-pixel misalignments between remote sensing datasets.


Image Co-Registration (COREG) is designed to register (align) each image provided to the most recent image. COREG performs automatic detection and correction of sub-pixel misalignments between various remote sensing datasets. It is independent of spatial or spectral characteristics and robust against high degrees of cloud coverage and spectral and temporal land cover dynamics. The co-registration is based on phase correlation for sub-pixel shift estimation in the frequency domain utilizing the Fourier shift theorem in a moving-window manner.

Supported Workflows

  • Sentinel-2 Level 2 (GeoTIFF) -> Co-Registration

    General InformationDescription
    Block TypeProcessing (data preparation)
    Supported Input TypesAny GeoTIFF data; 2 or more images required with the latest timestamp is treated as the reference image. All other images are aligned to the reference image.
    Resolution10 m for all spectral bands
    PerformanceThis algorithm has been tested on more than 9000 satellite images acquired by different sensors. The results are evaluated exemplarily for two inter-sensoral and two intra-sensoral use cases and show registration results in the sub-pixel range with root mean square error fits around 0.3 pixels and better.

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