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Flood Mapping using Sentinel-1 SAR

The block takes two Sentinel-1 GRD(SAR) images(pre event and post event) of AOI and maps the submereged areas. The output of the block is a binary image where white pixels indicates flooded area.


Flood Submergence Estimation uses Sentinel 1 GRD to extract flood submergence. The block uses Ground Range to find the difference between pre event and post event scenarios.

Radar Sensing is capable of improving observations during night times and clouded seasons. Half of the planet is always in dark and more than 25% is cloud covered. This leaves only 25 % observable area. Even though optical passive remote sensing has been improving at a fast pace, clouded seasons are a major hindrance in continuous monitoring processes for any region.

Supported Workflow

  • Sentinel-1 GRD (SAFE) -> SNAP Polarimetric Processing -> Flood Mapping using Sentinel-1

    General InformationDescription
    Block TypeProcessing

| Supported sensors | Sentinel-1 GRD (SAFE) |
| Resolution | identical to input |

See Vasundharaa’s Medium blog post for step-to-step instructions how to use Flood Submergence Mapping on UP42 here.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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