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Flood Mapping using Sentinel-1 SAR

The block takes two Sentinel-1 GRD(SAR) images(pre event and post event) of AOI and maps the submereged areas. The output of the block is a binary image where white pixels indicates flooded area.


Flood Submergence Estimation uses Sentinel 1 GRD to extract flood submergence. The block uses Ground Range to find the difference between pre-event and post-event scenarios.

Radar Sensing is capable of improving observations during night times and clouded seasons. Half of the planet is always in dark and more than 25% is cloud-covered. This leaves only 25 % observable area. Even though optical passive remote sensing has been improving at a fast pace, clouded seasons are a major hindrance in continuous monitoring processes for any region.

Supported Workflow

  • Sentinel-1 GRD (SAFE) -> SNAP Polarimetric Processing -> Flood Mapping using Sentinel-1
General DescriptionDescription
Block TypeProcessing
Supported SensorsSentinel-1 GRD ( SAFE)
ResolutionIdentical to Input

See Vasundharaa’s Medium blog post for step-to-step instructions on how to use Flood Submergence Mapping on UP42 here.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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