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Large Vehicle Detection

Detect trucks, buses, tractor-trailers and other land-based large vehicles.


Large Vehicle Detection detects large vehicles (trucks, tractor-trailer, buses) in satellite images in both urban and rural settings. The block can detect vehicles in images with ground sampling distance (GSD) around 0.5 m.

Output is provided as images with detection bounding boxes overlayed on the vehicles and additional GeoJSON file. The algorithm is trained on a data-set obtained from South-Eastern Asia.

Supported workflows

Data platform:

Note: This block needs to be used without Raster Tiling. Pléiades Analytic is currently not supported.

Technical description

The algorithm uses deep learning techniques and RetinaNet detection architecture to detect large vehicles such as trucks, buses, and tractor-trailers. Most of the setting are factories, ports, highways, parking lots, industrial parks, etc.

Use cases

Counting large vehicles in parking lots, highway design, port design, determine retail and industrial activity, determining large vehicle sales/export, smart city applications, asset tracking.

General InformationDescription
Block TypeProcessing
Supported input dataThe GeoTIFF input image is expected to have Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) less than 0.55 m. PNG and JPEG formats are also supported.
Output data formatThe output is the resultant image with the detected bounding boxes in a GeoJSON file.
Algorithm Training Data DetailsThe algorithm is trained on a dataset obtained from South Asia. Most of the settings are dense urban areas, neighborhoods, parking lots, industrial parks, etc.

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