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Oil Slick Detection Filter

Detection 1 SAR images.


Warning: Processing Block is temporarily not available, as required Open Data Offering is being migrated to the Data Platform.

Oil Slick Detection Filter detects oil slicks on the sea with SAR images from Sentinel-1.

This filter can distinguish between oil slicks and other sea surfaces with high accuracy, which is difficult to detect by non-specialists.

By using the difference in radio wave reflection characteristics of the water surface, the algorithm automatically detects oil slick from a single SAR image. This block uses a deep learning algorithm to achieve overwhelming performances.

Supported Workflow

Sentinel-1 L1 GRD (SAFE) -> SNAP Polarimetric Processing Sentinel-1 -> Oil Slick Detection Filter

The following parameters need to be set:

  • "clip_to_aoi": true
  • "tcorrection": true
  • "linear_to_db": false
  • "polarisations": [“VV”]
  • "speckle_filter": false


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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