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Pansharpens images from Pléiades / SPOT Reflectance (Download) or Sentinel-2 L2A Analytic (GeoTIFF).


Pansharpen is a processing block that upsamples the image to the resolution of the (panchromatic) band with the highest resolution. The output images are geo-referenced GeoTIFFs with all bands in the same resolution. The default method used in the pan-sharpening procedure is SFIM (Smoothing Filter-based Intensity Modulation).

Supported workflows

Data platform:

Data blocks:

Remark: Pansharpen includes the necessary DIMAP to GeoTIFF conversion. The processing block does not work with Display products, as they have been already pan-sharpened.

When used with OneAtlas data, the panchromatic band is not part of the output image, but it can be optionally included by setting ‘include_pan’ to true.

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