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Level-3 Processor Sentinel-5P

Converts Sentinel-5P Level-2 data to Level-3.


Level-3 Processor Sentinel-5 P creates Level-3 data by converting it from ESA’s free Sentinel-5P Level-2 data product. The default Sentinel-5 Level-2 data is delivered without a fixed grid, where the pixels are defined by latitude and longitude and form an irregular grid. The Level-3 processing resolves that by resampling the data to a regular spatial pixel grid.

The block supports the selection of the threshold with the applied quality band, and whether additional ancillary layers (i.e. sensor parameters and further quality layers) are included in the final output. The Level-3 processing block can be applied to all Sentinel-5P Level 2 atmospheric products (see the Sentinel-5P (NetCDF). The band configuration for the dedicated quality and ancillary bands is selected automatically.

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