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Urban Super Resolution

Increase spatial resolution of urban locations by 4 times.


Aventior’s Urban Super Resolution is a variant of generic AI based super resolution algorithms that is optimized for urban locations. This algorithm improves spatial resolution of images with original resolutions from original Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 0.55 m by a factor of 4.

Traditional resolution techniques use interpolative methods that can be erroneous. The processing block performs well for urban locations that have buildings, roads and vehicles. This super resolution block can be used as an ensemble to ultimately improve the output accuracy of other object detection algorithms. In certain cases where a clear image is unavailable, this processing block can help provide a higher resolution image thereby providing a much economical alternative to high resolution imagery.

Technical Description

The algorithm uses generative deep learning techniques and convolutional neural network (CNN)-based AI architecture to improve the image resolution. The algorithm leverages TensorFlow and is capable to process satellite images across a multitude of formats GeoTIFF, TIFF, PNG, JPG or JPEG formats, with no limitations on image dimensions.

Supported workflows

Data blocks:

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General InformationDescription
Block TypeProcessing
Supported input dataThe GeoTIFF input image is expected to have Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) less than 0.55 m.
Output data formatThe output is the resultant image with improved spatial resolution and the same file format as the input.
Algorithm Training Data DetailsThe algorithm has been trained using custom built data sets from satellite images obtained from extremely high resolution satellites.


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