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16-to-8 Bit Conversion

Converts 16 bit imagery from Sentinel-2 into 8 bit imagery.


16-to-8 Bit Conversion converts imagery with ‘dtype’ 16 bit into imagery with ‘dtype’ 8 bit.

This block is useful to connect data blocks with 16 bit imagery output to processing blocks that require 8 bit imagery as input.

Supported Input Data Blocks

  • Sentinel-2 L2A Analytic (GeoTIFF) -> Pan-sharpening -> 16-to-8 Bit Conversion
  • Sentinel-2 L2A (SAFE) -> Super-resolution Sentinel-2 -> 16-to-8 Bit Conversion

Additional note:

Please verify that the configured workflow meets your output requirements when changing the bit depth with 16-to-8 Bit Conversion. The conversion to 8 bit leads to a loss in bit depth.

Technical Documentation

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To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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