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Purchase high-resolution data of anywhere on Earth, combining reliable constellations to ensure high revisit capabilities.

When pre-existing imagery doesn't fit your use case, task a satellite or order custom data with UP42.

  • A selection of industry-leading optical, radar, and aerial providers, such as Airbus and Hexagon.
  • Our team of geospatial data experts are there every step of the way from advice on the best constellations to ensuring delivery of your ordered data.
  • Delivery and hosting of your data within UP42's infrastructure, making your data accessible via API where possible.

Task a satellite or order custom data

Capture anywhere in the world at up to a 0.3m resolution and with mono, stereo, and tri-stereo capabilities

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Operator of the largest constellation of optical and radar commercial EO satellites available on the market.
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HEAD Aerospace

With over 40 unique and innovative satellites in orbit and 40 more scheduled to launch, HEAD Aerospace is a key player in the Earth Observation industry.
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A set of high-resolution optical and radar satellites capturing resolutions up to 40cm.
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The first commercial Earth Observation satellite operator in China offering a constellation of multi-spectral satellites, providing global coverage, high revisit, and a high degree of quality.
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Satellogic is a vertically integrated geospatial company, driving real outcomes with planetary-scale insights.

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