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List your first data or processing algorithm product today, and make sales tomorrow. When you share your tech on UP42, your products are easier to find and easier to buy. Our on-demand and pay-per-use model means you can start selling to customers overnight.
  • Choose your price

    We leave it to you to pick a price for your product. Our revenue sharing model is designed so that you and your tech shine. We want you to do what’s best for you. Our aim is to be the place people go to use your tech products. This means that you can price your data or algorithms according to your needs.

  • Protect your data

    Your intellectual property is always yours. We run your data and algorithms in an isolated environment—ensuring your IP is secure. Customers access your tech through API. This means that nobody but you will ever have access to your code.

  • Reach new customers

    Selling on UP42 allows you to reach people from all industries. Whether you’re selling planetary data or processing algorithms to study it—tap into new revenue streams as an UP42 partner. It’s the perfect way to test the market and create new solutions for new problems.

  • Boost your visibility

    We wouldn’t be UP42 without you. As our partner we are here to help you tell your story. Why and how you and your team built the tech that you’re sharing—and the vision you’re bringing to life. We care about the people behind the tech and want to introduce you to the world.

How it works

UP42’s community of trusted partners bring tailored solutions to customers with specific interests.

Build your block

Data and algorithm blocks are the building blocks of UP42 workflows. Build yours securely and get it ready to launch.

Launch on the marketplace

Offer your data and algorithms on the UP42 marketplace for customers to leverage in their products.

Grow your business

Our pay-per-use model earns you money with every use. When customers use your data or analytics to explore the planet, you’ll receive payment every time.

  • This is the platform I’ve been looking for since I started working in this industry.
    Ray Richardson, Chief Technical Officer
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  • We want to create simple, automated processes that are able to deliver actionable intelligence to a global user base. This is exactly where we see UP42 being our partner, providing an online space for processing and cloud computing.
    Advait Kulkarni, Co-Founder
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