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As a partner, we provide you with a global distribution network for your satellite data or processing algorithms. On UP42, your products are easier to find and buy.


Choose your price

Pick a price for your product. Our revenue sharing model means that you can price your data or processing algorithms according to your needs.


Protect your data

Your intellectual property is always yours. We run your data and algorithms in an isolated environment— ensuring your IP is secure. Customers access your tech through API. This means that nobody but you will ever have access to your code.


Reach new customers

Sell your products on UP42 and get access to a global customer base across industries. We make it easy to tap into new revenue streams and expand your audience.


Boost your visibility

Take advantage of built-in marketing to the UP42 community. As our partner, we are here to help you tell your story. We care about who you are and how your solutions are helping others.


Why people love partnering with us

"UP42 offers us a whole new way to deliver new space solutions to our clients. By providing us with easy access to high-quality geospatial data, we can run our code, receive results, and scale up our processes. With AOI based access and price transparency, UP42 is democratizing access to geospatial data and the potential applications are endless."

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Daniel Seidel, Co-Founder LiveEO

How it Works

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Data and algorithms are the building blocks of UP42 workflows. Build yours securely and get it ready to launch.


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Offer your data and algorithms on the UP42 marketplace for customers to leverage in their products.


Grow your business

Our pay-per-use model earns you money with every use. When customers use your data or analytics, you’ll receive payment every time.

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