Why UP42?

Don’t just see the world. Understand it.

An everyday way to find and use satellite data.


Browse, select, and analyze Earth imagery

Create workflows by combining data and processing blocks. Your workflows act as templates for you to use. This way, when you are looking to use the same combination of satellite data and processing algorithms, you can do so easily and quickly.

Area of interest

Choose your location on the map

With our AOI selector you can choose the exact area you're interested in. Simply search for your location before outlining it on the map. This way, you'll only receive and pay for what you need.


Discover actionable insights

Once you've defined your AOI and set your parameters, process your workflow by running a job. Use the job manager to keep track of your jobs, see how many credits you've spent, and download your images.

Developer tools

Build and integrate

Make UP42 your own. Don't see the processing algorithm you're looking for? Upload your own custom code and create workflows tailored to your needs. We run your code in an isolated environment—ensuring your IP is secure.

Ready to get started?

Start exploring today with 10,000 free credits. Looking for specific imagery? Access satellite tasking with UP42.