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Use Cases


Enhance construction project monitoring and proactively plan for risk or adverse conditions.


Real-time, reliable information on construction

As high confidence rates in global economies continue and low interest rates persist, the outlook for the construction sector is increasing across all industry segments. During this continued growth, construction companies with future-oriented planning seek investment in geospatial technologies to ensure the long-term survival and success of the company. Construction projects are inherently spatial and leveraging remote sensing and GIS reduces risks and costs associated with timely decision-making and eases the surveying process.

In the natural resource sectors such as oil & gas, higher commodity prices may accelerate investment in new construction and infrastructure maintenance. UP42’s data and analytics can be for each step, from assessing new construction sites to identifying maintenance needs and monitoring ongoing construction projects. For real estate, land management and insurance sectors, UP42 can be leveraged for site discovery, detecting land use change, monitoring weather or fire risks nearby, and assessing construction trends across market locations. Access to high resolution imagery, weather data, and advanced analytics put companies ahead of the curve.

Why choose UP42?

Optimize data use and save resources

Optimize data use and save resources

Choose from a number of datasets to get the resolution you need and only pay for what you use with our AOI-selection capabilities.

Get the right data at the right time

Get the right data at the right time

When there are important construction projects to manage, ensure you have the freshest data by accessing tasking services with ease from the UP42 marketplace.

Access a variety of logistics and supply chain algorithms

Access a variety of logistics and supply chain algorithms

Get timely identification of changes on your construction site with as little as two images. Access a wide variety of construction algorithms including building detection and more.

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Solve important problems with construction monitoring

  • 2.3%


    Advanced economies are projected to experience continued sluggish but sustained growth, with Western Europe having just 2.3% growth in 2019.

  • $15.5


    Reports forecast the volume of construction output will grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030.

  • 57%

    Global growth

    Three countries – China, US and India – are projected to account for 57% of all global growth in construction until 2030.

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