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Use Case


Use satellite imagery to identify forest and habitat loss, determine tree type, and monitor risk indicators of deforestation


The economic, social, and environmental impacts of deforestation can be drastic.

The economic, social, and environmental impacts of deforestation can be drastic. Often the result of poor land management and illegal logging, deforestation ends in loss of critical habitat for wildlife, loss in government revenues, and distortion of global markets. Real estate companies have reported deforestation as a risk for client loss and overvaluation of land portfolios from sustainability impacts.1 As many markets move towards zero-deforestation, companies and institutions look to technological solutions like UP42 to assess and verify their sustainability initiatives, prevent equity value loss, and avert reputation damage.

Remote forests are difficult to monitor. Satellite monitoring enables the true extent of deforestation to be understood. Use UP42 to combine data and off-the-shelf analytics to detect indicators linked to deforestation such as the presence of trucks or increase in settlements. Easily access imagery across the globe with tasking capabilities. Automate workflows to be notified of disturbances or indicators and respond sooner with UP42.

Why choose UP42?

Easily automate workflows

Easily automate workflows

Set up notifications over an area of interest (AOI) and identify forest disturbances. Easily automate your workflow and select from a wide variety of algorithms to build cutting-edge indicators to stop deforestation. Prevent equity value loss and reputation damage.

Access scalable and flexible infrastructure

Access scalable and flexible infrastructure

Monitor large swaths of forest or small regions with the flexibility and scalability of the UP42 platform and our cloud-computing capabilities. Scale from low resolution data to as high as-needed, all accessible in our open marketplace.

Get the right data at the right time

Get the right data at the right time

Access fresh data to instantly investigate suspected deforestation by using tasking services on UP42. Receive data and gain actionable insights sooner.

Example blocks


Identify forest and habitat loss

  • 29%

    Land surface

    Only 29% of Earth’s surface is land surface and of that land surface, only 30% is forest.

  • 2,000

    km2/year forest loss

    The rate of global forest loss is both rapid (125,000 km2/year between 2001 and 2012) and increasing (by 2,000 km2/year).

  • 1/2

    Dry biomass

    Trees are one of the greatest natural carbon sinks and their carbon storage is often calculated by taking ½ of it’s dry biomass.

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