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Use cases

Humanitarian Crises

Track humanitarian crises around the world and respond with timely and targeted aid.


Evidence of the existence, location, and scale of humanitarian crisis is crucial

Thousands of people across the globe are forced to flee their homes everyday due to disasters and conflict. Accurate, relevant, and timely data is crucial to humanitarian crisis management.

Under-estimating the number of displaced people can mean delayed response and prolonged suffering—while overestimation can lead to unnecessary costs and discrediation. Gain access to evidence-based knowledge to support disaster risk reduction and response plans with UP42 data and analytics. Get the right answer at the right time.

Why choose UP42?

Optimize data use and protect the bottom line

Optimize data use and protect the bottom line

Choose from a number of datasets to get the resolution and coverage you need. Combine datasets to help predict the resources needed in response to a crisis. Pair data with off-the-shelf analytics to get accurate answers to your vital humanitarian questions.

Draw timely insights with scalable infrastructure

Draw timely insights with scalable infrastructure

Turn to UP42 for infrastructure that scales and responds as fast as you do. Draw timely insights from data in a cost-effective manner to expedite response time.

Get the right data at the right time

Get the right data at the right time

Before reacting to humanitarian crises, ensure you have the freshest and most accurate data by accessing tasking services with ease from the UP42 marketplace.

Example blocks


Respond with timely and targeted aid

  • 1.1


    Germany and Sudan were the countries with the most hosted refugees in 2019 at 1.1 million.

  • 80%


    80% of refugees live in countries neighboring their countries of origin.

  • 70.8


    There are 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.

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