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Expedite and automate insurance claim verification and fraud identification for homes, crops, and other client assets.


Proactive monitoring for insurance purposes is now possible with UP42

When disaster strikes and losses occur, there’s nothing more important to insurance policyholders than recovery. In the key moments between disaster and disaster relief, customers rely on their insurers to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. For remote locations especially, assessing claims and fraud can be cumbersome and costly. Now with UP42, easily automate workflows to support the claim process and respond faster.

Use the latest satellite information and high-speed, scalable cloud-computing, so you can do:

  • Site identification
  • Fraud verification
  • Claim assistance

For example, derived crop classification can be used to verify whether farmers had planted the crop for which losses were claimed. Enhance crop damage verification from a hail event using polarimetric radar imagery.

Why choose UP42?

Draw timely insights with scalable infrastructure

Draw timely insights with scalable infrastructure

Turn to UP42 for cost savings and pay-as-you-consume capabilities as well as speed, flexibility, and scalability. Be a part of a growing ecosystem of partners to gain a competitive edge by drawing timely insights from data in a cost-effective manner.

Optimize data use and protect the bottom line

Optimize data use and protect the bottom line

Many insurers say the biggest challenge with IoT is the cost and complexity of implementation. With docker technology, finally take full advantage of IoT and InsureTech, integrating this information with other data streams.

Access better analytics and create revenue streams

Access better analytics and create revenue streams

The insurance sector is known for computationally intensive algorithms. With UP42, you can utilize the advanced capabilities of cloud processing to gain access to better analytics for business decisions. Take advantage of our marketplace by offering your algorithms of choice and creating additional revenue streams.

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Solve important infrastructure problems

  • 5%

    Property & casualty

    Property and casualty insurance is one of the fastest growing forms of insurance at over 5% per year.

  • 43%

    Emerging markets

    Emerging markets contributed 43 percent of the growth in total insurance from 2010 to 2017.

  • 7/10

    Companies using cloud

    With 7 in 10 insurance companies using cloud in their business today, it is already an integral part of their technology environment and business strategies.

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