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Use Cases

Natural Disasters

Gain actionable insights for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.


Reduce risk and detect damage

Across the globe, natural disasters have claimed lives, destroyed structures, prompted evacuations, and affected municipalities. Increasingly extreme weather conditions and growing populations have magnified the impact of these incidents on local budgets, the environment, and communities. Agencies around the world rely on geospatial data and analytics every day to plan for and mitigate complex threats and hazards. UP42 offers a unique environment and advanced capabilities to support natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery practices for all institutions and objectives.

As the frequency and intensity of disasters increases, historic data is no longer enough to prepare for future events. Emergency management professionals must incorporate real-time data, big data, and other critical data feeds into their analysis to identify key improvements for infrastructure resilience and risk zones. This is critical both for worst-case scenario preparation and as impending disasters approach. Agility and information are vital to streamlining response operations. Improve the situational awareness of disasters through geospatial insights and real-time analytics—from advancing fires to impending floods.

Recovery from natural disasters can take years. Site monitoring can provide emergency management professionals with tools to deliver on every recovery dollar invested, and increase transparency and trust in the community they serve. Explore tools to improve location analytics for natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery with UP42.

Why choose UP42?

Get the right data at the right time

Get the right data at the right time

When there are impending emergencies from natural disasters, ensure you have the freshest data by accessing tasking services with ease from the UP42 marketplace to respond in real time.

Optimize data use and save resources

Optimize data use and save resources

Understand risk to the level of depth and complexity necessary. Choose from a number of datasets to get the resolution you need and only pay for what you use with our AOI-selection capabilities.

Automate analysis with scalable infrastructure

Automate analysis with scalable infrastructure

Get timely identification of hazards or damaged areas within your AOI. Access a wide variety of natural disaster algorithms and easily automate your workflows with your project API key.

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Solve important problems and respond in real-time

  • 1/3

    Overall losses

    Overall losses from world-wide natural catastrophes in 2019 totaled $150 billion USD, while only insured losses from those disasters totaled $52 billion, or roughly 1/3rd.

  • $1.4


    Natural disasters have cost over $1.4 trillion in damage globally over the past 10 years with over 1.7 billion people affected.

  • 65%

    Economic damages

    65% of all economic damages were caused by earthquakes and tsunamis.

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