Strengthen and automate insurance analysis for indexes, risk mitigation, claim verification, and fraud prevention.


Determine asset risk faster and streamline site validation

Property and casualty insurance is one of the fastest growing forms of insurance at over 5% per year. Each disaster and damage claim is intrinsically linked to a location with spatial information. Insurance companies turn to innovative platforms like UP42 to expedite their asset risk management with near-real time information on the area. From home insurance and business owner policies, to damage valuation and diminished value claim appraisals.

With UP42, gain access to a growing, global collection of data and run workflows at scale. Drive business value and harness data-driven decision making to stay ahead of the curve in insurance markets.


Lower Operational Costs

UP42 provides the ability to select an AOI and only pay for the data and processing you need. Our scalable, cost-effective infrastructure enables claims to be managed while reducing time, money, and effort in processing unnecessary data. Improve operational efficiency with data-informed decision making supported by UP42.


Mitigate Risk

Proactively calculate risk with near-real-time weather data combined with environmental forecasting data from earth observing satellites and UP42’s infrastructure. What once took days now takes minutes.


Drive Business Value

Maximize the use of highly localized data as well as climate trends to drive insurance business decisions and grow new ideas for offerings on risk indexes. Gain competitive insight with advanced analytics. Reveal patterns in data that add value to the bottom line.


Use satellite imagery to identify forest and habitat loss, determine tree type, and monitor risk indicators of deforestation

Crop Monitoring

Observe fields and monitor crop progress and health.

Natural Disasters

Gain actionable insights for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.


Expedite and automate insurance claim verification and fraud identification for homes, crops, and other client assets.

Detect Encroachment

Use UP42 to proactively monitor areas and automatically detect encroachment. Assess risk and prevent losses to assets by increasing your situational awareness.

Climate Change

Access and analyze dynamic information on global environmental indicators related to climate change.

Precision Agriculture

Enhance farming efficiency and increase sustainability through targeted management of agricultural land.

UP42 for Insurance

Use advanced analytics and insurtech innovation for Insurance. Looking for specific imagery? Access satellite tasking with UP42.