Real Estate

Discover housing trends and market insights. Identify regional wealth and growth metrics for housing and retail spatial analysis.


Harness local data and trends to inform site-selection and maximize return

Globally, real estate investors are faced with the task of changing traditional business and valuation models to keep up with technological, economic, and consumer trends. Successful real estate companies know that the greatest returns come from data-driven insights that uncover trends on a local level.

Extract all kinds of property value indicators such as proximal land cover, forests, water turbidity, settlements, and pollution. Understand how these indicators change over time. Discover where to invest next for the highest return or where to sell to prevent further losses.


Act With Advanced Insights

Maximize the use of highly localized data to drive real estate business decisions—from when to sell to where to buy. Gain competitive insight with advanced analytics. Identify patterns in data and add value to the bottom line.


Build a Reputation of Success

Optimize site selection strategies to deliver the highest possible returns. Use location data and analytics to reach buyer satisfaction goals, answer client questions, and increase your market share while minimizing poor investments.

Example blocks


Use satellite imagery to identify forest and habitat loss, determine tree type, and monitor risk indicators of deforestation

Natural Disasters

Gain actionable insights for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

Detect Encroachment

Use UP42 to proactively monitor areas and automatically detect encroachment. Assess risk and prevent losses to assets by increasing your situational awareness.


Enhance construction project monitoring and proactively plan for risk or adverse conditions.


Expedite and automate insurance claim verification and fraud identification for homes, crops, and other client assets.

UP42 for Real Estate

Enable local data transformation and market innovations for Real Estate. Looking for specific imagery? Access satellite tasking with UP42.