Count cars, trucks, and planes to uncover logistical patterns, monitor and plan roads and rail, access public transit data, and improve transportation management.


Drive decisions with spatial data and deliver new insights

In the tech era, transportation departments and businesses need cost-effective tools to manage assets and operations. Whether vehicle sensor data is not used to full capacity or more data and analytics is needed to improve planning and monitoring—UP42’s platform and marketplace may be the solution.

Quickly identify the most strategic investments by accessing tasking capabilities directly from the UP42 marketplace. Deliver insight on the transportation infrastructure life cycle. Easily automate workflows and streamline data via API into improve overall operations and drive business value.


Improve Efficiency

Determine capacity enhancements with off-the-shelf analytics for plane, truck, car detection and more. Easily automate workflows to monitor these assets and assess trends over time.


Enhanced Security

Improve management, safety and security, as well as regulatory compliance with easy access to tasking capabilities. Use cutting edge algorithms to detect changes or anomalies.


Lower Operational Costs

Plan, monitor, and manage complex systems more effectively. Break down silos and uncover deeper insight into the patterns occurring by making data-driven decisions and sharing knowledge across teams with easy API integration.


Use satellite imagery to identify forest and habitat loss, determine tree type, and monitor risk indicators of deforestation

Detect Encroachment

Use UP42 to proactively monitor areas and automatically detect encroachment. Assess risk and prevent losses to assets by increasing your situational awareness.

Humanitarian Crises

Track humanitarian crises around the world and respond with timely and targeted aid.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Automatically detect changes and prevent asset loss by enhancing your situational awareness.


Enhance construction project monitoring and proactively plan for risk or adverse conditions.


Expedite and automate insurance claim verification and fraud identification for homes, crops, and other client assets.

Natural Disasters

Gain actionable insights for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

UP42 for Transportation

Drive decisions with spatial data and deliver new insights for Transportation. Looking for specific imagery? Access satellite tasking with UP42.